Coaching & Potential development

You feel deep in your heart
that you are much bigger and stronger
when you’re able to live here and now?

Your feeling or even the pressure of suffering
give you inevitable clues
that it’s the way it is now
just can’t go on?

You have gained the insight
that true happiness and wealth
have a inner origin?

Whoever sets out on this path
makes a decision
for a deep discussion
with his feeling, thinking and acting

Many of us come to a „reversal point“ in their lives
The hints for this are very varied
and clearly visible right now …

This is where the possibilities for action open up for us
to meet the emerging challenges
and to achieve our personal true quality, power,
a free and happy life

We suffer
when our potential
not in tune with our true talents
is unfolded and lived out

I believe in you
and knows from his own experience
that we are in a position
a lot more
to set in motion from within ourselves
than you may be able to imagine today

I offer sense-oriented
Coaching for potential development

Together we create
step by step
individual impulses for action
so that you can take responsibility
by our own strength and conviction
hustle things along
that have always been in your heart
and waiting to be realized

I’m not a teacher
who answers every question and problem
with the appropriate answer and solution
learned by heart

I’m not gonna tell you
„The ultimate 3 most important things for a happy life“

And I certainly don’t decide
what you’re going to do now and what you’re going to do next

I meet you as a friend
and support you very much

Here, too, I like to give impulses
and bring my versatile experiences
from my own life
and cooperation with people
so you can ignite your spark
and not stop acting for yourself anymore

We illuminate the IST state
Your requests & wishes
and we go to
out of the conversation
together on one path

This is your way…
… it’s about your valuable lifetime!

More and more people want
in the material sense
be rich and successful

Success and richness
I also wish you

But first in your heart

…from which you courageously and strongly
take your life
in your hands
to do unstoppably that
what you fulfilled

in peace

Your Christof

0049 – 173 – 19 32 694