My name is Christof Drynda
I was born in Poland (Upper Silesia)

I spent there with my dear parents
and my brother
a very happy childhood

When I moved to Germany at the age of 13
and when I left my relatives, my friends
a nice village culture and the beautiful nature
I was confronted with a previously unknown
Deepseated and very formative challenges

My focus is 100% on releasing my full potential
to develop my services, in personal collaboration and on digital ways
to the highest possible level and to provide them to an unlimited number of people

For many years I have been engaged in
with the continuous further development
my talents, personality and treatment methods
based on versatile impulses
of self-experience and gaining of knowledge

whether we meet or not

Never lose hope and faith in yourself & in your strength !
Act courageously, resolutely and trustingly for yourself



Your Christof